- Rosanna horsley -

Nutrition consultancy services

- registered dietitian, accredited sports dietitian, holistic health and nutrition practitioner with over 20 years experience -

Personalised nutrition services to support your needs

With a breadth of expertise please do get in touch to discuss how Rosanna can help you on your food and nutrition journey.

Rosanna has a specialist focus now on the following:-

The importance of food quality, farming methods and what you eat
Womens health through the years, hormones, fertility, peri menopause, menopause
Diet and lifestyle to support intermittent fasting and longer fasts
Holistic diet and lifestyle for health optimisation, longevity and to thrive
Support for regulating insulin resistance, PCOS, Diabetes
Nutrition for autoimmune conditions including Endometriosis
Inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, Gut microbiome
Diet and nutrition for children
Allergy and intolerances

Rosanna Horsley @ Garton Hardy Nutrition

Garton Hardy Nutrition and Business consultancy services are currently provided to food industry and private sector clients.

Rosanna has over 20 years extensive experience working as a sales and marketing director, registered dietitian, accredited sports dietitian, and leading on business change and business integration projects.

If you would like to enquire about working with Rosanna on either a one to one basis or as a business then please contact her directly for further information and rates.